You want to create a new module, which your employees can learn from. 

This is done just by clicking the "Content" tab in the left and then clicking "Create" on the right-hand side of the centre view.

You enter the module editor view here you have a ton of functionality to just brief you on the concept you can add a top image, title which is the way the module will get presented later on.

In the section after the title, you can add text or media blocks. The text block can contain any kind of text or numbers useful for writing small articles or similar. The media block is a container for any file format you can ever imagine due to limitations of the browsers some files is only possible to download. While most common file formats as mp4, jpg or similar can be previewed directly on the platform.

You can then build your content to your needs and saving it b click the "create/save" button which is present in the bottom and top of the document.

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