As we always say "Let us be the best at what we do and let other be the best in their profession."

This is why we leave software security to brightest minds and a company which the primary purpose is to deliver safe server hosting. Then we can use all of our time on building the best Onboarding software out there 

The fact that we can rely on the AWS security posture to boost our security is significant for our business. AWS does a much better job at security than we could ever do running a cage in a data centre. 

Even though we have a second opinion from our security partner Bluecyb and they are auditing our internal security.

Security documentation, this a mix of the compliance our hosting provider, code storage & internal security approvals 

We dont store any data in our code but just for good order here is our code storage provider compliance. As an addition we have our DNS provider and they also make us PCI compliant

Report by Bluecyb is found here

To top it all of we only allow HTTPS because we know security is crucial for all of our partners

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