These are possible to set up through "Settings" tab in the left panel and then click "Departments".

Department manager

Are the way to orchestrate your organisation to match how it's functioning in the real world. You can add countries, offices & departments

After you have created your world, you can now attach users and content to the departments that way you can segment your content in the different sections of your organisation

Access tree

We have 2 ways of accessing data. The icons above is a visualisation of which kind of content you are trying to access.

The black dot represents the department you are in, the solid bordered represent the departments which content you can see and the dashed circles are the ones that you cant see.

All - Gives you show's you all content above you and below you, you have only read access to anything created on a higher level than your self and write access to all on your level or below

Active - Show all the content at your level or below and you have read/write access to all of it

Department selector

In the filter bar on the right you can see there is an element called "Change department" here you can search and select the department you want to filter by

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